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When we found the star @bllhome on Instagram, we got absolutely hooked by her incredible talent of capturing the moments of her everyday life with her two little girls. Velda is her name, a super-mom from Sweden who lives with her family in beautiful Klagenfurt, Austria.

Q: Where can we find you and your family on a perfect saturday?

Q: What’s the girls favorite snack/food?

A: Probably like most kids they love pancakes and would probably eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner if they could! I usually make them with apples or bananas and sprinkle with berries so they eat healthier.

Q: We can see a lot of excellence interior in your feed – what is your next big purchase that you are day dreaming about?

A: I just removed some storage units from the kids room. Everything is a bit messy at the moment as the toys are scattered all over so I’m really in a need of a new piece of furniture that can swallow a lot of the toys and hide some not so pretty things. I am not sure yet what would fit in and I won’t stop thinking about it til I solve this puzzle.

Q: We love to find inspo from mamas all over the world – What are your top 3 favorite mommy accounts to follow?

A: One of the first mamas I started to follow was @annakubel and she is still a big favorite as well as@_honeypunch and @mreiness. Instagram is such a great place for inspiration and the list of talented mamas out there could go on and on!

inspiring photos from Veldas own instagram @bllhome

Q: We can tell that photography is a big passion of yours. What is your favorite thing to take pictures of? 

A: Yes, I abosolutly love taking pictures, although it can be a bit challenging with kids. Mostly because you never know what you’re gonna get and they are also the hardest to photograph. While I prepare one of the girls the other one is already taking something off or moving things around in the room. So I prefer to photograph them outside.

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Q: If you could dream away for a moment – what would be your dream destination to explore with your family?

A: We travel quite often as we have a summer place in Split, Croatia. As soon as we have a few days off we take the car there. The weather is always nice and a mini vacation is great to recharge. At the moment I don’t have a dream destination and am quite satisfied with the traveling we already have. I think any destination with sun and water is a great choice when you have small kids so whatever is most convient is what we do.

Q: Okay, so you are raised in Sweden… but have moved to Austria. What is the best thing about living in Austria?

A: Definitely the weather, the summers are really hot and the winters cold with skiing close by. I also really love how close we are to other countries & surrounded by different cultures.

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Q: You know that we adore your style and photos… So if you could give us your best photo-tips for us to think about, what would it be?

A: I try to think that less is more but there is always a lot added in the kids room but it’s the kids place and it should be inviting to play. Also some kind of consistency in color and theme is important to give a coherent look. Last but not least find that place in the room where the light is the best and use daylight as much as possible.