This is our favortie holiday of the year, and this year we for a pastel fairy theme: 

We had a lot of fun creating a christmas wreath; using pastel colored ornaments and candy.

What you need:  
• Candy: Caramella 
• Ornaments: Åhléns 
• Wreath: Panduro
• Glue gun: Panduro
• Silk ribbon

Make sure your glue gun is hot enough (but be careful!) before you start. 
Start attaching the ornaments to the wreath one by one. 
While attaching the ornamants; make sure it really stays in place by holding it together for a few seconds.

After attaching the ornaments, pick your favorite candy (we chose in lovely pastel colors) and attach them between the ornaments. Make sure it really sticks before you let go.

Pick your favorite ribbon (we chose our favorite silk ribbon in pastel pink) and hang up your new sparkling wreath!

And of course our beautiful gingerbread house in our store at Birger Jarlsgatan. 
(which looks magical in real life, so if you haven’t seen it with your own eyes – we recommend you to stop by)