What inspired you for Spring 2018?
We were inspired by the moments that will be remembered forever. We wanted to create a take-me-home print that felt classic, soft and absolutely a given for your little nugget’s first outfit.

Home come “ABC”?

While pregnant with Baby Parker, my 5 year old son Marley had started to spell out letters, and I loved the idea of him taking in all impressions around him. ABC could not have been a more given print!

Can you tell us how the print came alive?

The journey from idea to actual garment hanging in the store is quite long, but oh-so-fun! For us, we constantly work with illustrations, sketches and prints in our studio. Usually we do the first sketch with pensil, and then we start playing around with water colors or crayons. After that, it becomes a bit tricker, because our hand drawn illustrations does not always translate into pantones. For the ABC blocks, we used 5 colors, and we hit the head on the nail at once for the grey color (I’m obsessed!) but it took a while longer to get the pink and blue, which we decided to do a facing effect on.

What are your favorite pick for Baby Parker?

Since I live in Miami, I love the Sam romper. It is the perfect summer outfit with light colors and it reads softness.

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